Top 30 activity ideas for kids who don’t go on vacation.?

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The big holidays are fast approaching.  It’s nice ! Yes, but here it is, how to occupy the children during the summer holidays  ? All parents ask themselves the question, especially those whose little ones do not leave in July and August. We have therefore prepared this top 30 ideas for fun and creative activities. Here you will find games, crafts, scientific experiments… In short, lots of ideas for having fun all summer long! With this selection and our slideshow 50 activity ideas for children during the holidays , the little wolves should not be a family and implement these 15 ideas to raise children’s awareness of ecology . Good summer !

Do you have a garden? If your child is small, offer him a wheelbarrow race. Sprinting in this funny machine should please him! This is an opportunity to introduce him to all the plants and to do  activities around gardening , such as  creating pebbles for the vegetable garden .

Did your loulou have a lot of fun with  the magic milk ? Offer this another easy and fun science experiment . Here, you have to try to turn a glass of water upside down without any drop escaping. It’s possible thanks to science… and a sheet of paper. Ready to get started?

Disguises and make-up often appeal to wags. If the weather is not favorable, it does not matter! Make a tiger makeup as in the example above. Unless your pitchoun prefers fairy makeup or Batman makeup . To your brushes!

Drink Pure and safe water Every timeAdvertising.Drink Pure and safe water Every time.The English Garden EnduresAdvertising.

The English Garden Endures.

Do you have a yard rather than a garden? No problem. We have plenty of game ideas for children with chalk . The pitchouns can for example carry out a great creative journey. If you don’t have chalks at home, check out our recipe for making chalks .

In times of great heat, think of the waterbed. It is one of the refreshing summer games for kids . You can also have a SpongeBall battle with large sponges soaked in water. These are nice and economical alternatives to the swimming pool!

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Your little wolf can learn about gardening by growing lemon seeds. This tutorial explains how to do it. It’s easy, even for a budding gardener. But, let’s be honest, you’re not ready to whip up a lemon cake or a lemon ice cream  with it!

Source: The Wolf Workshop

Cooking with the kids is fun. But making cakes and ice cream with them is even better. So, make this delicious rainbow sorbet! He is too good. If you’re craving another frozen dessert idea, take a look at our 15 Homemade Ice Cream Recipes . They are hot.

For rainy afternoons, there’s nothing like family board games to pass the time. Toddlers will enjoy this Unicorn Goose game, unless they prefer to play Finger Twister or Who’s That? » . Find many games to print on Momes.How do submarines dive underwater and come back up? In the series of funny scientific experiments, after the suction bottle and the volcanic eruption at home , here is the submarine in a bottle, which explains the phenomenon of pressure. Starting from 7 years old.

Here is an ideal creative activity for small children . Toddlers can brush a canvas with colored ice cubes. To concoct these, all you need to do is use child-friendly paint or a few drops of food coloring. Another idea: paint with cotton swabs !

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Participate in a treasure hunt at home

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