For which events rent a bus with private driver for transportation?

driver for transportation?

Travel is part of the daily life of human beings. When several people are involved in long journeys, it starts to become interesting to think about how to travel in groups. Plane, train, bus, taxi, carpooling several solutions exist. To date, bus rental with driver has many advantages. Indeed, the price and flexibility of the bus make it easy to organize a trip, whether private or professional. And yes ! we don’t often think about it but the bus could be a solution to many problems related to logistics and transport that you encounter.

bus rental for professionals

When you are preparing for a meeting in the context of work, a meeting, a professional meeting away from home and you have to go there with several people, consider renting a bus with a driver! You can book a bus online and specify the amenities you want for your bus. Ranging from the number of admissible passengers to the number of holds and the presence of toilets, the request is customizable as desired. Depending on your needs, you can even have a luxury coach for VIP transportation. Let’s take a few concrete examples:

For a symposium or a congress

Also called a convention, the congress is an event that is often held annually. It brings together several participants often coming from the four corners of the country and sometimes even from abroad. It is very interesting to book one or more coaches whose mission will be to pick up the participants who most often end up getting to know each other. In fact, these trips are often an opportunity for people to get to know each other, to exchange business cards and to forge friendly ties during driving time. An ecological way also to transport everyone in the same vehicle!

For a conference

A conference is a communication event that usually brings together a hundred people. It is often located in the capital or in major cities. SO.TRA.CARS offers several solutions adapted to your needs. Pick-up locations, stops to be planned, etc. Several coach rental solutions exist and you will certainly find what you are looking for. The prices and rates for bus rental with driver depend above all on your needs and the type of trip (short or long) you need (in France or abroad for example). Some rates may benefit from discounts depending on the number of passengers to be transported.

For a seminar

Seminars are generally meetings in small groups for educational purposes. In the context of a company, for example, it may be sessions intended for the training of employees. This may relate to a new technology that the company will now use or a new layout that slightly changes life within the structure. In many cases, these meetings take place in a pleasant and attractive setting. The objective is to offer employees a global and more precise vision of the company’s vision. To ensure the movement of participants, the minibus appears to be the ideal solution, but this depends above all on the size of the structure and the people to be taken care of.

Private events

The bus can also be the solution you need for your personal events. It helps to create cohesion and understanding between people. There are also several choices available to you depending on your needs: bus, minibus or van.

For a road trip

Do you want to cut yourself off from the noise and bustle of the city? You would like to contemplate the fabulous frescoes of the countryside and enjoy the fresh air of the mountain roads… Hire a minibus with a private driver and set off on an adventure with your loved ones! Pick-up and arrival locations are flexible, you can ask for a round trip or just go and see on site depending on your plans. XXL and fully customizable freedom!

Trendy, the minibus allows you to travel in France and Europe in any season. If you lack inspiration, we have selected the best destinations for traveling by bus in Europe . Depending on the number of passengers, you can opt for larger models, such as a bus (for 20 people). If you have any doubts, consult our entire available fleet, you will find all the types of buses available for travel .

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