How to rent a group bus?

rent a group bus?

Renting a coach or a minibus when you take the road in a group offers the double advantage of being driven by a driver without leaving with several cars. By booking on a group coach rental platform, you benefit from a wide range of carriers, adapted to your request, so that you can pack your bags without worrying about car rental abroad from rental companies sometimes unscrupulous. In the field of tourism 2.0, a booking tool is becoming more and more widespread: the platform for linking passenger transport applicants and carrier service providers. Do not hesitate to send an online request to such a platform for one or more group journeys departing from metropolitan France, we will find a carrier for you,

Do you want to rent a bus or minibus as a group? We tell you how to do it!

Renting a bus for a group, how does it work?

Are you looking to rent a minibus as a group? Instead of comparing all the private companies offering such a service, a matching platform finds you the ideal carrier.

Depending on your needs, you can compare up to 5 detailed quotes issued by partner carriers on the website.

Depending on your selection criteria – dates of availability, price, type and equipment of the vehicle, commercial conditions of the company -, you discriminate between one of the five offers received from a panel of 800 partner carriers , available in all towns and villages of metropolitan France. It is important to mention the duration of the trip, the mileage to be done, and the rental period in order to obtain the best offer.

As soon as your group minibus rental offer has been selected, you proceed to online booking , then to payment to the carrier. Please note that each service provider has its own commercial conditions.

For what occasion rent a coach?

Well, to make it easier to get around! The reasons for renting a coach, bus or minibus in a group can be multiple: travel for a sports club, school trip , business seminar, group of tourists, airport or station transfer, shuttle for weddings or discotheques, bachelor parties girl, road-trip with friends in France, etc.

You can also rent a group minibus to go to a concert, a theater performance, or an amusement park. An experienced driver will take you anywhere in France and Europe, whether it’s a one-way trip, a round trip, or a tourist circuit over several days getting behind the wheel at any time.

It is also, during a tourist circuit, the opportunity to be driven by a driver who knows the roads and tourist routes of the region concerned: Route of the wines of Provence, Landing beaches, stay in Italy, travel weddings, etc.

Which model of minibus to choose for group coach hire?

But then which model of vehicle to choose? Should we request the rental of a coach for 10 people or would a minibus be sufficient? Partner carriers provide travel for all groups, from 5 or 8 seater vans, 9 to 25 seater minibuses to 35 to 70 seater grand tourers. The rental platforms make it possible to find a vehicle adapted to your requests, depending on the number of employees and the trip to be made. Everything therefore depends logically on the number of people included in your group.

Van or minibus

Renting a minibus is suitable for staff of 15 to 20 people , over short distances. Compact, it passes through narrow passages. Note: for a whole class on a school trip, it will be better to rent a group bus with driver and more than 30 seats available.

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