The 10 cheapest destinations for your summer vacation

summer vacation

These 10 cheap countries for your summer vacation

You haven’t decided anything for your holidays yet? A study by the Skyscanner travel comparator has established a top 10 of the most economical destinations for the summer. Round trips around 900 euros for Vietnam, or even 600 euros for India… this brief overview will give you some ideas.

To establish this ranking, Skyscanner took into account several criteria: the price of a round trip in economy class from France to the country mentioned, all airports combined, in July and August 2018. Fares that we have updated, and which are still in effect if you book your trip today. In addition to flights, the ranking also takes into account the average price of a night in a double room, in one of the most popular 3-star hotels in the capital of each country (booking for a week between the 1st and the August 7, 2018 taken into account). Finally, to be as precise as possible, this hit parade is based on data from the Pintprice sites, which lists the price of pints of beer around the world, and statistics on the cost of living from Numbeo (taxi prices, average price of a meal, etc.).

Eastern Europe, South America, Asia… Discover in this slideshow the 10 most economical destinations for your summer holidays.

10 – Greece: a round trip to the Cyclades at 200 euros

Following the crisis experienced by the country, the cost of living has dropped drastically in recent years in Greece. In some less touristic islands of the Cyclades than Mykonos – Paros or Sifnos for example – you can enjoy pints of Mythos (a brand of Greek beer) for 3 euros, as well as a lunch in a tavern from 6 euros. Ferries, which allow you to reach the majority of the Aegean islands in four or five hours, are also available at affordable prices. A direct return flight to Mykonos from Marseille or Nantes can be negotiated between 200 and 300 euros.

Price of a pint of beer: 3.42 euros Price of a meal in a cheap restaurant: 6.08 euros Price of a taxi fare: 3.50 euros + 0.74 euros/km Price of a double room (3-star hotel): 127 euros/night Price of a return flight from France: approximately 200 euros non-stop

9 – Argentina: pampas and low-cost mountains

The pampas, the steep mountains of the Andes on the western border with Chile, or even the lights of Buenos Aires. Do you dream of Argentina? Know that you can stay there this summer for around 30 euros per day. In the Valdés peninsula, on the east coast, stands a nature reserve listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where penguins, dolphins and whales roam freelyEven today, a direct non-stop round trip to Buenos Aires is available for around 1,000 euros. So why deprive yourself ?

Price of a pint of beer: 1.16 euro Price of a meal in a cheap restaurant: 5.38 euro Price of a taxi fare: 1.12 euro + 0.57 euro/km Price of a double room (3-star hotel): 104 euros/night Price of a return flight from France: approximately 1,000 euros non-stop

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