The cheapest countries to travel to (and the Top 5 at less than $35 a day)

countries to travel

Our primary mission at Flytrippers is to help you save money on travel . For two reasons. Either because it allows you to travel without breaking the bank, or simply to travel more often.

That’s why personally, we prefer to make choices like sleeping in hostels when we travel solo or it’s cheaper, it’s a choice that allows us to travel a lot more often thanks to the money saved ( Kevin visited 17 countries in 2017, me 18 ).

And that’s why we prefer to be flexible on the destination by shopping for plane tickets according to the deals that appear on our flight bargains page .

There is a widespread myth that traveling is expensive. It’s wrong. Traveling is expensive only when you want travel to be convenient, simple and easy . Otherwise, it’s just not true that it costs that much.

Low prices, precise dates, precise destination

No matter your motivation for saving, the key to a cheap trip is choosing the right destination . The cost of living varies greatly from country to country around the world. This is really where it all comes down to, because in many countries you will spend more on the spot than the cost of your plane ticket, obviously depending on the duration of the trip.

The other key is to do your research, be well prepared and put in the effort to save. Because even in the cheapest country in the world, it’s possible to pay a lot if you’re not careful.

So before getting to the heart of the matter, a simple example. All of our deals to Europe are to Western Europe. Often plane tickets are $400 round trip. But if you stay there, it will cost you very very expensive (these are almost all expensive countries). However, simply adding a $100 round trip to Central or Eastern Europe will save you hundreds of dollars in accommodation, meals and more.

So yes, it costs you more by plane, but it costs you less overall, because these are more affordable countries. And you can still visit the Western European city, but just for a few days by making a short stopover there instead of spending the whole trip there. The details on how to do that are here  and it’s awesome, it allows for a two-in-one trip that visits two countries instead of just one.

Another good example is Southeast Asia. Many are put off by the high price of flights to Asia (although we have already had one at $499 round trip and regularly in the $600 range) because yes, the ticket is more expensive than Europe and America from South. But the cost of living is so ridiculously cheap in Southeast Asia , that if you stay two weeks or more, even with the more expensive airfare, you’ll save tons of money. This is what we explained this week with our article on Cambodia for ONE MONTH for $786 , flight AND accommodation included. Asia is not expensive.

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